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NPSPNorwood Payneham and St. Peters (Australia)
NPSPNew Parent Support Program
NPSPNet Positive Suction Pressure (physics)
NPSPNational Polio Surveillance Project (India)
NPSPNet Positive Static Pressure (US NASA)
NPSPNational Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program (US CDC)
NPSPNew Park Street Pulpit (religious text)
NPSPNative Plant Stewardship Program (Washington Native Plant Society)
NPSPNon-Point Sources of Pollution
NPSPNon-Point Source Program (US EPA; West Virginia)
NPSPNonparametric Statistical Package
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In 1997 the National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) was established as a joint collaboration between the WHO and the MOHFW, GoI, with the main objective to intensify surveillance for polio eradication through detection and investigation of childhood Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP).
Patel, Pragath Kumar, Atul P Nagime, N Veera Bhadrudu, National Polio Surveillance Project, World Health Organization, India.
One important contributing factor to India's success was the launch of the National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) by the Indian government.
Support of WHOs National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) is also being obtained to survey all laboratories in their database and provide information of the Laboratories to the Task Force.
India is now considered a polio-free nation by the Government of India, National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) and by the World Health Organization (WHO)/South-East Asia Regional Office and WHO.
A protest was recently published against the WHO and its organ the National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP), for experimenting on human subjects without their consent, a new monovalent oral polio vaccine (mOPV1) that was 5 times stronger than the earlier licensed mOPV (14,15).
Twenty-nine surveillance medical officers from World Health Organization-India's National Polio Surveillance Project were deployed to support the development of campaign microplans and to conduct precampaign training and campaign monitoring.
Although the number of poliomyelitis cases in India were just the estimates before World Health Organization (WHO) launched National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) in collaboration with Government of India (GOI) for providing technical and logistic assistance to state and central government.
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization- National Polio Surveillance Project and UNICEF will participate in the Summit.
Data from the National Polio Surveillance Project (2006) Vaccine AFP WPV cases virus cases Iota] no.
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