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According to the 2004 National Retail Security Survey, shoplifting is on the rise.
Loss prevention executives responding to the University of Florida 1998 National Retail Security Survey attribute 42.7% of their annual shrinkage losses to employee theft.
Clucas says the importance of Sensormatic's products can be observed from results of a national retail security survey conducted by the University of Florida.
The National Retail Security Survey, conducted annually by the University of Florida since 1991, provides information on US shrinkage, and retail loss prevention (Hollinger and Dabney, 1994; Hollinger and Dabney, 1996), and is directly comparable with the 1993/4 BRC survey and the Bamfield survey, as very similar methodologies were used.
Retail shrinkage in 2011 was 1.42%, compared to 1.49% from 2010, the National Retail Security Survey revealed.
The annual National Retail Security Survey, conducted by noted criminology professor Dr.
Also released yesterday at the NRF Loss Prevention Conference were the preliminary results of the latest National Retail Security Survey. The survey found that retail shrinkage averaged 1.61 percent of retail sales last year, nearly unchanged from 1.60 percent in 2005.
According to the latest "National Retail Security Survey" from the Security Research Project at the University of Florida, American retailers lost approximately $33.6 billion in 2003 to inventory shrinkage, the vast majority of which was caused by theft.
By contrast, the most recent "National Retail Security Survey," conducted by University of Florida criminologist Richard C.
-- The nation's retailers lost an estimated $25.7 billion last year from shrinkage -- a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, administrative error and vendor fraud, according to the seventh annual National Retail Security Survey.
NEW YORK- Chain drug stores suffer from a shrinkage rate that is slightly higher than average for the entire retail industry, according to a national retail security survey conducted by researchers at the University of Florida.
According to the most recent National Retail Security Survey, shoplifting accounts for nearly $13 billion in annual losses for retailers with the average amount stolen being $549 per incident.
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