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NRTLCNational Right to Life Committee
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Balch said the National Right to Life Committee plans to fight the proposal.
California Representative Nancy Pelosi, who has a "0" pro-life rating from the National Right to Life Committee, was named speaker of the House.
James Bopp, an election-law attorney for such groups as Focus on the Family and the National Right to Life Committee, speaks disparagingly of "a minority of Republicans [who] have thrown up their hands and joined the 'Let's Regulate America for Partisan Political Advantage' chorus." David Keating, executive director of the Club for Growth, the business group that tries to push Republicans to back even more extreme cuts in taxes, shares, in this one instance, this nonpartisan perspective: "Congress should not try to pass regulation that regulates campaign finance to tilt the balance toward one party or another.
Democratic groups, for example, sent four times as many direct mailers as Republican groups during the general election, with ACT leading the way on the left and the National Right to Life Committee on the right.
With big-money "independent" spending on his behalf from the Club for Growth, a billionaire boys' club that specializes in aiding primary challenges to Republicans who are insufficiently rabid, and even more essential support from the National Right to Life Committee, as well as cover stories in National Review declaring the challenge to be one of "the right fights" and cheerleading columns on the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, Toomey has pulled close to Specter in some polls.
And such 501(c)s as the National Rifle Association and the National Right to Life Committee are vital allies of the COP; they raise money mostly from their members and use it to buy ads or direct mail supporting the position of one candidate (usually the Republican) or attacking the position of another (usually the Democrat) on issues important to the group.
Fueling this rumor is the statement by HHS officials that they would like physician Mildred Jefferson, a cofounder and former president of the National Right to Life Committee, to serve on the replacement committee.
Jacki Ragan, an official at the National Right to Life committee based in Washington DC, said: "All I can think of are the countless lives lost this morning because of senseless acts of terrorism."
A three-year legal challenge on free speech grounds by the National Right to Life Committee and the ACLU just failed, and 115 candidates for state office will take advantage of full public financing this fall.
And an important part of that right wing is the National Right to Life Committee, the largest anti-abortion organization in the United States.
In fact, the National Right to Life Committee gave Mr Gore an 84 per cent approval rating for anti-abortion votes he cast while in the House.
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