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NSGPNational Sea Grant Program (US NOAA)
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In 1971, New York State received its first grant under the new National Sea Grant Program: $600,000 to explore development of the state's thousands of miles of coastlines along the ocean and Great Lakes.
The strategy for success of any individual Sea Grant College Program must be consistent with the overall vision and direction of the National Sea Grant Program. It must also be tuned into the environmental, social and economic priorities and problems presented within the Program's specific venue.
* Cryptophycins found in blue-green algae show promise in fighting prostrate and breast cancer; sponsored by the National Sea Grant program at the University of Hawaii.
The program commenced this May as USLA and NOAA, which includes the Weather Service and the National Sea Grant program, unveiled a nationwide campaign that includes educational brochures and better cooperation between the two groups.
Also needed, the commission says, is a National Marine Bio-invasion Research Program, and the creation of a nationwide education campaign, possibly under the National Sea Grant Program (a partnership between the nation's universities and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to increase public awareness of invasive species.
This work was sponsored in part by NOAA, National Sea Grant Program, Department of Commerce, under Grant NA36RG0110-01 through the Maine-New Hampshire Sea Grant Program, Project R/FMD-237.
$68 million for the National Sea Grant Program, which is addressing coastal challenges in Louisiana.
As a member of this subcommittee, Murkowski included provisions to strengthen Alaskas world-class fisheries, protect Alaskan ocean wildlife, improve Arctic infrastructure and research, and support other significant programs such as the National Sea Grant Program. In addition, the CJS bill provides resources to combat emerging threats, preserve public safety, and support members of Alaskas tribal communities.
He is a strong supporter of the National Sea Grant Program, which provides resources for marine businesses and fishermen in coastal communities.
As a member of this subcommittee, Murkowski included provisions to strengthen Alaskas world class fisheries, improve Arctic navigation and infrastructure, and support for critical initiatives such as the National Sea Grant Program.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND ENERGY ASSISTANCE: A total of $153 million for the Environmental Protection Agencys Brownfields Program, which helps revitalize contaminated properties, including an ongoing project right now at the former Verso Paper Mill in Bucksport; $400 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund; $63 million for the National Sea Grant Program the University of Maine is a designated Sea Grant College; $3.39 billion for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; and $23.5 million for the National Estuarine Research Reserve, which provides funding to Wells Reserve at Laudholm.
The Maryland Sea Grant is a University System of Maryland program administered by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and is a part of a network of 33 National Sea Grant programs. Locally, the program utilizes educational outreach, scientific research and public awareness to support the preservation and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and Marylands coastal waters.
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