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NSABNational Security Advisory Board (India)
NSABNaval Support Activity Bahrain (US Navy)
NSABNationalsozialistischer Deutscher Arztebund (German: National Socialist German Doctors' Association)
NSABNational Senior Advisory Board (Sheldon, IL)
NSABNova Scotia Animal Breeders
NSABNational Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Swaziland
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One option that a tech expert at the government's National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) has suggested is to ensure the hardware and software for the proposed fifth-generation network are not both sourced from Huawei.
National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) has not made any formal recommendation on restructuring the Ministry of Defence.
Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra also ordered a study through the National Security Advisory Board under former Northern Army commander Lt Gen DS Hooda to do a parallel study on the reorganisation and right-sizing of the force.
He was a member of the first National Security Advisory Board of India's National Security Council, where he participated in the Nuclear Doctrine Drafting Group and the external security and the technology security groups of the Strategic Review.
Sessions explained Tuesday that he had met the ambassador as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, not as chairman of the Trump campaign's national security advisory board. The plausibility of that explanation is undermined by Trump's consistent efforts to minimize the extent of his campaign's connections to Russian officials.
1 Draft Report of National Security Advisory Board on Indian Nuclear Doctrine, August 17, 1999, http://mea.gov.in/in-focus-article.htm?18916/Draft+Report+of+National+Security+Advisory+Board+on+Indian+Nuclear+Doctrine
Incidentally in the wake of Chinese incursions in 2013 and objections by PLA over border infrastructure in Ladakh, a three member team of National Security Advisory Board headed by its' the then chairman and former foreign secretary, Shyam Saran, visited Ladakh to assess the situation.
He is a member of the Prime Minister's National Integration Council and a former member of the National Security Advisory Board. Mathew was also a director-trustee of the Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company.
Articulating Indian nuclear policy in this regard for the first time, Shyam Saran, convener of the National Security Advisory Board, said, "India will not be the first to use nuclear weapons, but if it is attacked with such weapons, it would engage in nuclear retaliation which will be massive and designed to inflict unacceptable damage on its adversary.
The label on a nuclear weapon used for attacking India, strategic or tactical, is irrelevant from the Indian perspective," 'The Times of India' quoted Shyam Saran, the convener of the National Security Advisory Board, as saying.
He is currently a member of the National Security Advisory Board of India and a columnist with the Business Standard.
He nevertheless agreed to head the first National Security Advisory Board and was also instrumental in the NSAB's formulation of India's Draft Nuclear Doctrine.
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