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NSDDNational Security Decision Directive
NSDDNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Standardization Document Database
NSDDNon-Sustained Disruptive Discharges (vacuums)
NSDDNuclear Structure and Decay Data (International Atomic Energy Agency)
NSDDNetwork Security Design Document
NSDDNon-Scatter Density Dependent
NSDDNon-Shakespearian Drama Database (collaborative project)
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Drawing on declassified National Security Decision Directives and talking points, some included as appendices, the authors show the 40th President as an able planner, very much involved during his first term's outset.
Despite two Reagan-era National Security Decision Directives prepared by the administration's hardliners, the president never truly tried to implement their master plans.
Yet most Americans are unaware of National Security Decision Directives, perhaps the most powerful and hidden tool of the Oval Office.
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