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NSFNRNational Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal (UK)
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He said the census data and other sources have provided neighbourhood profiles which would be vital for local councils, community groups and local service providers delivering the Government's National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal.
The results of their consultations, National strategy for neighbourhood renewal: a framework for consultation (Cabinet Office, April 2000) were published last year.
Discussion Paper of Policy Action Team 13 of the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal. Department of Health, London, 1999; see also Liz Cannings: 'Planning out the food deserts'.
She would like the government, which published its National strategy for neighbourhood renewal last year, to take a close look at Nottingham's experience.
Such plans will need to address the main aim of the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal, which is reducing the disparity between the worst neighbourhoods and the rest of the country on five key indicators: crime, unemployment, education, physical environment and the condition of social housing, and health.
Last year the LGIU produced five research papers on issues like mainstreaming, the role of members and community leadership, and the lessons from the Social Exclusion Unit's Policy Action Teams that worked on the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal. This year a further four papers are being produced in early May, including one on developing local strategies for social inclusion, one on lessons for local authorities on governing and managing at neighbourhood level, and one on evaluation and monitoring.
* National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal: Policy Action Team Audit.
Central to this process are the Local Government Act 2000, the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal, and the Urban and Rural White Papers.
Unfortunately, targeting resources through initiatives like the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal leaves many parts of our urban areas without the capacity to take this leadership role.
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