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NATUNational Teachers Union (South Africa)
NATUNational Association of Trade Unions (Ermita, Manila, Philippines)
NATUNorth American Trade Union
NATUNaval Air Torpedo Unit (US DoD)
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The Texas State Teachers Association and the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, a national teachers union, argue in the suit that Morath exceeded his authority in releasing schools seeking partnerships from existing state regulations -- harming teachers who benefit from those rights.
The American Federation of Teachers, a national teachers union, has raised money to provide families and schools with water filtration systems, since a lack of running water has been one obstacle to reopening all of the island's schools.
The reform also aims to end the model in which the national teachers union has virtually controlled the hiring, promotion, and layoffs of teachers in the country.
"Partnerships with regulatory bodies such as the Namibian National Teachers Union help to collectively discuss problems affecting our teachers in finding the right solutions," she said.
But the teachers through their Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) responded by asking the education minister to resign.
And the American Federation of Teachers, the second-largest national teachers union, with 1.5 million members, lost 6,000 of its 17,000 Wisconsin members.
"The problem of drugs does not get resolved simply by a talk, workshop or contingency plan," Luis Chancay, a teacher and president of the local branch of the National Teachers Union, told the BBC.
Watch Education International's video about the dropout prevention program created by the national teachers union in Morocco.
Avis Gilmore, North West secretary of the National Teachers Union (NUT), said: "The idea is brilliant, it's just the practicalities which concern us as it isn't clear if the five hours will be taken during school time or out of school hours.
The PRI also wrote in an amendment to the bill in late September mandating that the PRI-backed national teachers union be recognized as the official union for Mexico City teachers.
The national teachers union plans to lobby Congress for dozens of changes to the act and may mount a court challenge because of its fine print promising that implementing the act won't cost states or school districts any more money, she said.
A spokeswoman for the National Teachers Union of Ireland said the school would reopen today following the discussions.
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