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NTDBNational Trade Data Bank
NTDBNational Trauma Data Bank
NTDBNational Topographic Data Base (Canada)
NTDBThermodynamic Database of Nucleic Acids
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* The National Trade Data Bank which has intelligence on international markets.
* The National Trade Data Bank (NTDB), which synthesizes decades' worth of information on international economics and export opportunities, is sold in bulk on CD-ROMs for only $35.
of Commerce, National Trade Data Bank, Copyright: Wine Institute.
* National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) A one-stop source for export promotion and international trade data collected by 17 U.S.
For about $100 a year, you can tap into the National Trade Data Bank. This contains government collected information on trade, exports countries and products.
Department of Commerce, producers of the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) on CD-ROM, which is also available from NTIS.
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