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NTNN-Terminal Nucleophile
NTNNever Trust Nanners (gaming)
NTNNew Technology Network
NTNNational Transition Network
NTNNetwork to Network
NTNNeutralized Twisted Nematic
NTNNew Technology Network (Japan)
NTNNational Tax Number (Pakistan)
NTNNarrative Television Network
NTNNational Trends Network
NTNNational Tenant Network
NTNNational Trivia Network
NTNNetwork Terminal Number
NTNNetwork to Network interface
NTNNo Talent Necessary (band)
NTNNational Telecommunications Network
NTNNational Transmission Network (Australia)
NTNNational Transportation Network (Phoenix, AZ)
NTNNational Test Network
NTNNo Thanks Needed (email)
NTNNetwork Termination Number
NTNNiwa, Tomoe, Nishizono (Japan)
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Public funds used by State and local governments to build, operate, and maintain the national transportation network are under pressure.
To others, it's the foundation of a vital national transportation network. In 2013, the trust fund disbursed $50 billion to states -- $43 billion for roads and $7 billion for mass transit, reports the Congressional Budget Office.
While Congress wrestles with a surface transportation program to meet current and future needs, legislators also turned attention to other parts of the national transportation network.
The right carrier, with a combination of community partnerships, schedule, frequency, and increased connection options to the national transportation network, can make this program thrive,” said Rob McKinney—President SeaPort Airlines.
The need for a temporary bridge points to the severity of the structural defects of the original one, as well as to I-5's importance to both the local and national transportation network. The freeway is the second-busiest in the country, according to the U.S.
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued the following statement regarding the $2.4 billion available for high-speed rail: OToday, we are another step closer to delivering an innovative, national transportation network that brings new jobs and economic opportunity to the American people.
VersaCold is Canada's largest PRW, with 38 facilities offering 110 million cubic feet of space and a comprehensive local, regional and national transportation network.
It also urged a focus on the national transportation network and development of a national strategic plan to guide transportation investment.
The USPS said it will leverage its national transportation network that serves its processing facilities, a system comprised of approximately 440 sectional center facilities and more than 40 bulk mailing centers.
Since 1996, the Trust has awarded nearly $14 million in grants to support the National Transportation Network and the Hospital Service Coordinator programs, as well as a wide variety of service initiatives.
This will include an inland section across Sardinia to Olbia and another offshore section to Tuscany (near Piombino) where the new pipeline will interconnect with the national transportation network.
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