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NICNational Institute of Corrections (Federal Agency)
NICNational Informatics Centre (Department of Information Technology, government of India)
NICNetwork Interface Card
NICNetwork Information Center
NICNational Insurance Contributions (UK tax)
NICNational Intelligence Council
NICNicaragua (ISO Country code)
NICNetwork Interface Controller
NICNot In Contact (Sprint)
NICNursing Interventions Classification
NICNational Instruments Corporation (India)
NICNurse in Charge
NICNorth Idaho College (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)
NICNorth Island College (British Columbia, Canada)
NICNew In Chess
NICNormas Internacionales de Contabilidad (Spanish)
NICNational Information Center
NICJohn von Neumann Institute for Computing
NICNuclei in the Cosmos (symposium)
NICNational Insurance Company (India)
NICNeumann Institute for Computing (Germany)
NICNational Innovation Council (India)
NICNetwork Integration Center
NICNew Imaging Concept
NICNagoya International Center (Japan)
NICNational Identity Card (Pakistan)
NICNational Ice Center (US)
NICNational Incident Commander (US DHS)
NICNew Internet Computer (Oracle)
NICNazionale Italiana Cantanti (Italian: National Italian Singers)
NICNewly Industrialized Country
NICNotice of Intended Changes
NICNaval Intelligence Center (US DoD)
NICNavigation Integrity Category (avionics)
NICNet Interest Cost
NICNewly Industrializing Country (NIE)
NICNoise Isolation Class (sound transmission loss rating)
NICNissho Iwai Corporation (Japan)
NICNational Innovation Competition (various locations)
NICNational Issues Convention
NICNetwork Identification Code (ITU-T)
NICNational Industrial Classification (India)
NICNear Infrared Camera
NICNatal Indian Congress (South Africa)
NICNumeric Intensive Computing
NICNational Intelligence Community
NICNihongo Instructor Club (Japan)
NICNational Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (Annapolis, MD)
NICNational Irrigation Commission
NICNerf Internet Community
NICNetwork Information Computer (Digital Lightwave)
NICNegative Impedance Converter
NICNetwork Interface Connector
NICNaval Intelligence Command
NICNational ISDN Council
NICNikon Integrated Coating
NICNational Interpreting Certification (American Sign Language)
NICNetwork Interface Circuit
NICNational-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, Inc.
NICNetwork Integration Center (US NASA)
NICNorth American Inter-fraternity Conference
NICNephron Information Center
NICNational Instrumentation Center
NICNational Immigration Conference (National Industrial Conference Board)
NICNauru Island Council
NICNot in Catalog (retail)
NICNot Included in Cost
NICNew Industrialized Country
NICNight Infiltration Course
NICNear Instantaneous Companding
NICNational Inventors Council
NICNational Isotope Centre (New Zealand)
NICNational Intelligence Cells
NICNetwork Invasion Charlotte
NICNevada Industrial Commission
NICNATO International Civilian
NICNational Identification Code
NICNotice of Intent to Conclude
NICNetwork Initiated Change
NICNetwork Interface Codes
NICNaval Information Center
NICNewcomers Information Centre (Toronto, Canada)
NICNormas Internacinales de Contabilidad
NICNIMS (National Incident Management System) Integration Center (US DHS/FEMA)
NICNicosia, Cyprus - International Airport (Airport Code, closed since 1974 until further notice)
NICNavigation Integrity Code (US FAA)
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An employee pays reduced National Insurance contributions on gross earnings above an amount known as the upper earnings limit.
Whether tips are liable for national insurance contributions depends on how they are paid and who receives them - employer and staff can be liable.
Sub-contractors will still be paid in the same way - either with or without National Insurance contributions, depending on circumstances - but it will be HMRC that instructs contractors which method to use.
8% or around pounds 300 per year in National Insurance Contributions.
FPB chief executive Nick Goulding said: "The next five years are going to be extremely tough for small businesses if Labour decides to keep increasing national insurance contributions, the minimum wage and fuel duty.
But investigators from the Department for Work and Pensions discovered that he was working as a general labourer for a sheet metal works when his National Insurance contributions came through.
We also expressed concern about the large increases in the National Insurance contributions that, in addition to all the other tax increases implement in recent years, underline the economy's competitiveness by squeezing business.
The Government also wants to ensure that it is fair to people who have paid voluntary National Insurance contributions.
At the same time only 30% of women are currently entitled to the full state pension when they retire, and among these only 24% qualify for it on the basis of their own National Insurance contributions, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.
n Introduction of a 'citizen's pension' based on residency rather than National Insurance contributions, to help women who took time off work to look after their family.
Contractors which are found to have got it wrong could be forced to pay a backlog of PAYE and National Insurance contributions ( plus interest.
The winner of the overall award, for the organisation judged to have demonstrated a special achievement in its work with young people, was the Inland Revenue National Insurance Contributions Office.
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