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Similarly, in reporting the results of this study, the umbrella term "expatriate teacher" was considered more appropriate than "native English-speaking teacher".
There is a unique form of two-way teaching and learning which involves a special sharing between the EFL students and the native English-speaking teacher founded on mutual acknowledgment and appreciation of both languages and cultures within a rewarding, interactive foreign language learning experience.
Amid the spreading #MeToo movement, a native English-speaking teacher at a girls' high school was recently fired over allegations of sexually molesting students and calling the East Sea the "Japan Sea." It was the victimized students who told the school of his misbehavior.
Partially borrowing from Kachru (1986) and from political economy terminology, Canagarajah (1999) introduces the notions Center speakers of English and Periphery speakers of English and uses these two terms to refer to a native English-speaking teacher and a non-native English-speaking teacher, respectively.
Jung-gu District in central Seoul will spend 830 million won (about $780,000) this year to provide native English-speaking teachers at all its primary and secondary schools in the district.
He attributed this to the hiring of native English-speaking teachers who dedicated two periods a week to teach Cepa skills.
The teachers argued in the petition that their contracts were effectively limitless as most native English-speaking teachers usually have their contracts automatically renewed each year except in such rare cases as when job performances are extremely poor.
Dr Al Khaili attributed this achievement to Adec's efforts in increasing the number of teaching periods of English in cycle 3 (Grades 10-12), as well as allocating native English-speaking teachers to teach English language subjects in cycle 3.
Accordingly, this study aimed to investigate the pragmatic rating of second language (L2) refusal production by nonnative teachers as measured against native English-speaking teachers' ratings.
Andrew Humps observed that native English-speaking teachers were paid better, but less was expected from them.
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