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NHPINative Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
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NHPINational Health Policy Indicators
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Disaggregated maternal and child health assessment data for King County, Washington, show high percentages of maternal overweight and obesity before pregnancy, maternal smoking, younger maternal age, late or no prenatal care, preterm birth, and high birth weight in the local Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander population, compared with the local Asian population, leading to the identification of important health concerns in the NHPI community.
This report is based, in part, on contributions by M Ro, L Alfonsi, B Lacet, M Smyser, M Valenzuela, Public Health-Seattle King County; M Taualii, Urban Indian Health Institute, Pacific Islander Women's Association; and the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community of King County, Washington.
Vietnamese-, Laotian-, Cambodian- and Hmong-American adults are less likely to have college degrees than the average Californian adult, and only one-fifth of native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander adults in the state have degrees.
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