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NATNNico and the Niners (Twenty One Pilots song)
NATNNational Association of Theatre Nurses
NATNNational Articulation and Transfer Network
NATNNational Advocacy & Training Network (Phoenix, AZ)
NATNNet At Night
NATNNational Association of Traveling Nurses (Chicago, IL)
NATNNative American Television Network
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Paper presented at the NATN working party, Harrogate.
National Association of Theatre Nurses 1994 The nurse as surgeon's assistant Harrogate, NATN
"NAFEO is excited about the new relationship between NATN and the Alliance members, NAFEO, AIHEC, and HACU," wrote NAFEO President Lezli Baskerville in an e-mail message.
National Association of Theatre Nurses 2004 NATN Position statement: management of electrosurgical smoke and laser plume British Journal of Perioperative Nursing 14 414
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Surgical procedures which will require the use of the lithotomy position include obstetrics and gynaecology, urology and rectal surgery (NATN 1999, AfPP 2007, AORN 2008).
National Association for Theatre Nurses 2000 Back to Basics Harrogate NATN
When using smoke evacuators the filters must be checked and changed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (NATN 2004).
In terms of the relationship to AfPP, we are now very much interprofessional in nature and focus, building upon the foundations and forty year history of the National Association of Theatre Nurses (NATN).
It was first recognised by the National Association of Theatre Nurses (NATN) in 1993 that this situation was not acceptable, and a structured plan was developed to define the role of the first assistant.