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The challenges we face "Consequently, if you're trying to practise natural forest management with natural regeneration, you may see completely different plants regenerating compared with what you had before, because the climate has shifted to become suitable for another set of species.
Coverage includes an introductory overview, agrobionomic principles, economic measures and spatial patterns, temporal dynamics, use concepts, niche transitions and ecological services, risk containment, monoculture, bicultures, three-plus polycultures, taungyas, natural forest management, agroforests, nature-silvicultural interface, community forestry, and silvicultural landscapes.
More recently, the OCIC strategy has been exclusively to promote three national-scale projects focusing on (1) consolidation of parks, (2) natural forest management by private landowners, and (3) renewable energy.
The FSC's Principles and Criteria for Natural Forest Management define forest stewardship as environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.
It's admittedly an example of a significant transition in Forest Service thinking-toward natural forest management.
The natural forest management example given in Leslie (1987b) provides a useful context for reexamining the issue of financial feasibility in light of the evidence on low rates of rent capture.
a) Small-scale recreational and natural forest management of forests owned by a municipal government.
Contract award notice: cooperation project contribution to the elaboration of a concept for sustainable natural forest management and exemplary implementation in uruguay.