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NLSNational Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
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NLSNational Language Support (extended characters)
NLSNuclear Localization Signal (medicine; nuclear transport)
NLSNonlinear Least Squares
NLSNonlinear Schrödinger
NLSNational Language Support
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NLSNeu-Laxova Syndrome
NLSNatural Language System
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NLSNASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) Last Sale (service)
NLSNon-Linear Suppression (Nortel)
NLSNext Line and Set prediction
NLSNative Lan Service
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NLSNational Local Service
NLSNeville Lovett School (UK)
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In Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Systems at the German Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Bonn, Germany, September 13-15, 1999.
It is the job of the natural language system to produce the literal meaning.
Any techniques developed for typed natural language systems need to be adapted to account for different alternatives with defferent probabilities.
During the 1980s, there was continuing progress on developing natural language systems using hand-coded symbolic grammars and knowledge bases (Allen 1987).
Over the years this has led him to design and build natural language systems that simultaneously apply semantics and syntax, and to play an active role in many knowledge representation efforts, including the first description logic systems.
(1) Traditional IR systems are tested on arbitrary, unconstrained texts, while natural language systems still work only in constrained domains.
In natural language systems, marketing language sometimes works its way into user responses and requires the systems to be constantly updated and tuned to maintain good routing numbers.
This achievement is linked to the development of the natural language systems described earlier in this article.
The presentations of the regular papers were clustered into four technical sessions: AGI architectures and cognitive systems, learning in AGI systems, programming and natural language systems, and theoretical and conceptual issues of AGI systems.
"Building effective natural language systems requires expertise in handling lots of data, which can be very tricky," he says.
Natural language systems that integrate computational linguistics with knowledge representation and reasoning engines, for example, may finally enable systems that can understand and interact with humans in robust and generally useful ways.
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