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NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission (US government)
NRCNational Research Council Canada
NRCNational Research Council (various countries)
NRCNational Resource Center
NRCNorwegian Refugee Council (Oslo, Norway)
NRCNorwegian Refugee Council
NRCNursing Reference Center (resource)
NRCNational Recycling Coalition
NRCNoise Reduction Coefficient
NRCNokia Research Center
NRCNutrition Research Center
NRCNational Response Center
NRCNational Research Center
NRCNumerical Recipes in C (programming library)
NRCNature Reviews Cancer (American Association for Cancer Research)
NRCNuclear Research Center
NRCNational Red Cross
NRCNational Racing Calendar (USA Cycling)
NRCNorthern Regional College (UK)
NRCNo Re-Run Character
NRCNetwork Reliability Center
NRCNeighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
NRCNational Rehabilitation Center (various locations)
NRCNatural Resource Conservation
NRCNational Research Corporation
NRCNational Research Centre (various countries)
NRCNestle Research Centre (various locations)
NRCNonprofit Resource Center (various locations)
NRCNATO-Russia Council
NRCNational Republican Convention (Nigerian political party)
NRCNon-Recurring Charge (Sprint)
NRCNational Reading Campaign
NRCNoise Rating Curve
NRCNational Regulatory Commission
NRCNieuwe Rotterdamse Courant (now called NRC Handelsblad)
NRCNet Replacement Cost
NRCNatural Resource Community
NRCNational Reference Centre
NRCNegotiated Rulemaking Committee
NRCNational Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental Illness (Delmar, New York)
NRCNon-Recurring Cost
NRCNicaraguan Red Cross (est. 1934)
NRCNon-Unit-Related Cargo (US DoD)
NRCNetwork Reliability Council (FCC)
NRCNichols Research Corporation
NRCNational Replacement Character (character sets)
NRCNational Revenue Center
NRCNurses for the Rights of the Child
NRCNational Recycling Congress
NRCNatural Resources College
NRCNMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) Receptor Complex (amino acids)
NRCNobody Really Cares
NRCNational Rainbow Coalition (Kenya)
NRCNorton Radstock College (UK)
NRCNational Reformation Council (Sierra Leone military group)
NRCNational Research Center for Women & Families (Washington, DC, USA)
NRCNational Racing Compact
NRCNatural Resources Camp (various locations)
NRCNuclear Research Corporation
NRCNew Rheocasting (metals technology)
NRCNational Recycling Council
NRCNavy Reserve Center
NRCNormal Retinal Correspondence
NRCNonrecurring Cost
NRCNational Reconditioning Center
NRCNational Repair Center
NRCNetwork Research Corporation
NRCNewton Resource Center (Boston College)
NRCNoise Reduction Circuit
NRCNational Referral Centre
NRCNeilson Research Corporation (Medford OR)
NRCNational Ramah Commission
NRCNonreusable Container
NRCNew Reflections Counseling, Inc. (Lebanon, Ohio)
NRCNon Routine Card (aviation maintenance)
NRCNational Register of Chemicals
NRCNumber of Root Classes
NRCNonrinsing Conditioner
NRCNarcotics Recovery Center
NRCNational Redemption Council of Ghana
NRCNonrecurring Recoupment Charge
NRCNon Resetting Counter
NRCNearly Robust Code
NRCNon-Reconfigurable Cell
NRCNice Red Canasta (gaming)
NRCNon-Resident Client
NRCNon-Repayable Credits
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The Natural Resource Conservation Service, in its latest report, notes that April 1 "often signals (the) end of the snow accumulation season and the beginning of the spring snowmelt in earnest" in Oregon.
Focusing at the international, regional, and national levels on water and natural resource conservation is key to strengthening sustainable development measures, Princess Basma noted.
CONTACT: Natural Resource Conservation Service,; Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply, (888)784-1722, www.
Established in 1998, the GreenCircle Program Awards recognize positive contributions made by businesses, institutions, schools, civic organizations and individuals who promote natural resource conservation and environmental awareness.
Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA); Tom Christensen of USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS); Robert Huston, chairman of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission; Linda Ethridge, mayor of Waco; and Theo Dellaha of Virginia Tech University.
Find a local government expert--through the Natural Resource Conservation Service or state-run soil and water conservation offices--to do a "road walk," helping to identify the most pressing problems and potential solutions.
"Nature, left alone, will not heal these waste lands in my lifetime," says Sam Depue, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) district conservationist.
Natural resource conservation is not an isolated issue, neither is it a government only responsibility.
What's hot: Natural resource conservation on private land; locally led, incentive-drivensoil and water conservation programs.
Indeed, notes Steve Bromberg of EPA, assembling an emission inventory "is still really more of an art than a science." Ironically, most firms consider the inventories "scut work" for junior engineers, notes Jim Price of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission in Austin.
NRCS, through voluntary natural resource conservation programs, works side-by-side with producers, local conservation districts, and other partners to protect and conserve natural resources and build sustainable farming solutions through soil conservation on private lands throughout the United States.
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