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NRMPNational Resident Matching Program
NRMPNatural Resource Management Program
NRMPNatural Resource Monitoring Partnership (USGS)
NRMPNational Records Management Program (US EPA)
NRMPNaval Radioactive Materials Permit
NRMPNon-Reversible Motor Pump
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Incorporate environmental education as an integral component of the natural resource management program to promote the concept of conservation at all levels of society.
Congress' debate over the FY 2003 Omnibus Appropriations bill covered all appropriations bills for federal programs, including the Interior Appropriations bill that funds the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other natural resource management programs.
Like many natural resource management programs involving competing interests, there is controversy over how to achieve the best results.
Thirty-five years ago, two key reports--the Leopold Report and a study by the National Academy of Sciences--argued for creating strong scientifically based natural resource management programs within the Park Service.
And the new natural resource management programs will be much more complex and comprehensive than ever before.
Both argued for creating strong, scientifically based natural resource management programs.
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