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NRINon-Resident Indian
NRINational Resources Inventory
NRINomura Research Institute (Tokyo, Japan)
NRINatural Resources Institute
NRINational Rejectors, Inc. (various locations)
NRINorepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor (psychopharmacology)
NRINational Research Initiative (USDA)
NRINon-Resident Importer
NRINetworked Readiness Index
NRINuvo Research, Inc. (Canada)
NRINational Research Institute
NRINatural Resources Inventory
NRINet Revenue Interest
NRINanosystem Research Institute (Japan)
NRINASMHPD Research Institute
NRINanoelectronics Research Initiative
NRINegative Refractive Index
NRINon-Resident International (various organizations)
NRINon-Roster Invitee (baseball)
NRINunavut Research Institute
NRINot Really Interested
NRINippon Research Institute (Japan)
NRINet Radio Interface
NRINet Resources International
NRINon Residential Indian
NRINeural Response Imaging (audiology)
NRINetwork of Relationships Inventory (psychology)
NRINonwovens Report International (textile magazine)
NRINetwork Resource Identifier (3GPP)
NRINon Recurring Item (finance)
NRINorthern Realities, Inc.
NRINational Recovery Institutes
NRINominal Ranging Interval
NRINet Radio Interference
NRINational Remembrance Institute
NRINormalized Reliability Importance
NRINonrecurring Investment
NRINorris Rentals, Inc
NRINon-Repairable Item
NRINational Republic of Iran
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Julian Fennessy (Team Leader, Natural Resources Institute).
University of Manitoba, Natural Resources Institute
Gus Le Breton, the chief executive of PhytoTrade Africa, which lobbied for the EU ruling, said: "According to a report by the UK's Natural Resources Institute, more than 2.5m of the poorest families in southern Africa could earn a life-changing income by harvesting wild baobab."
"This transformation in the fortunes of smallholder coffee production has been a team effort of our commitment supported by the European Union, CFC Project on White Stem Borer and the UK's Natural Resources Institute," says the Trust's general manager, Harrison Kalua.
Seed of PA 15 will be maintained by the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, Animal and Natural Resources Institute, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD.
Natural Resources Institute and Leatherhead Food International.
the Principal Economist of the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich, UK to do so.
The Natural Resources Institute, which helps developing countries with its scientific and consultancy work, was forced to make cutbacks after an inquiry uncovered the accounting discrepancy.
Led by Dr Nick Verkerk, of Imperial College, London, it will also include scientists from the Building Research Establishment and the Natural Resources Institute.
Researchers at the Natural Resources Institute, Greenwich, have won government contracts to market its innovations and already Kenya and India have snapped up the "nose".
Says Yves Renard, executive director of the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute in St.
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