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NUINational University of Ireland
NUINatural User Interface
NUINew User Interface
NUINovell Users International
NUINetware Users International
NUINetware Users Information
NUINotebook User Interface
NUINetwork User Identifier
NUINetwork User Identification
NUINetwork User Interface
NUINetWare Users International (Novell NetWare)
NUINagoya Urban Institute (Nagoya, Japan)
NUINormally Unattended Installation
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The same task was then performed using the proposed game-like natural user interface. Before the test, each participant was allowed to understand and familiarize with the game interface settings.
These gestural interfaces have popularized the emerging paradigm of technology interaction known as Natural User Interfaces (NUIs), which not only promise to remediate the ways children interact with computers but also reshape children's media culture.
Affordances for designing natural user interfaces for 3D modelling.
When developing an Intel(R) RealSense TM application using a natural user interface it is important to keep the user in mind.
A key driving factor for the growth of the surface computing market is the usage of a natural user interface (NUI) which enables a user friendly interaction by reducing complexity.
However, the ever growing popularity of smart devices have exposed and familiarized many with the comfort of natural user interfaces, such as multi-touch screens and spatial gestures.
Spansion Acoustic Coprocessor is the first application-specific approach that integrates custom-designed logic and hardware with Nuance's VoCon[R] software engine, and provides a dedicated resource for natural user interfaces such as voice.
The dhs700 Kinect is based on a webcam-style add-on for the 360 console with which people can control and interact with their Xbox 360 through a natural user interface that relies on gestures, spoken commands or presented objects and images.
Using a natural user interface (NUI), Sangar said humans and computers can now connect more organically.
A NUI is a Natural User Interface, which involves touch and gesture, vision, and your voice, as in natural speech input (voice recognition).
Based on an add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, it enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller through a natural user interface using gestures, spoken commands, or shown objects and images.