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When we were come to one of these towns (about two days and a half's journey before we came to the city of Naum), I wanted to buy a camel, of which there are plenty to be sold all the way upon that road, and horses also, such as they are, because, so many caravans coming that way, they are often wanted.
The city of Naum, which we were approaching, is a frontier of the Chinese empire, and is fortified in their fashion.
Accordingly, two days after, we had two hundred soldiers sent us from a garrison of the Chinese on our left, and three hundred more from the city of Naum, and with these we advanced boldly.
Aimie Fallon and Alex Naum, right, and the grot spot on their doorstep
The NY Trade Center Kiev is designed with three main workings in mind, -- a trade complex, an exhibition complex and a concert hall," -- commented Naum Koen on the project.
In Saint Naum region they discovered findings of natural gas and oil at 1,400 meters, and this finding is connected with the so-called oil streak that has been exploited by Albania 50 years now.
Speaking to Al Jazeera, Naum said there was a health crisis among those who are passing through Idomeni and those who are stuck.
Healthcare Trust of America (NYSE:HTA), a real estate company that acquires, owns, and operates medical office buildings located primarily on-campus or affiliated with US healthcare systems, revealed on Tuesday that it has appointed Naum Nasif as its leasing manager in Colorado.
Continuing Blaga's legacy and using translations in the service of his own writings, Gellu Naum relied on translation in both a literal and metaphorical sense, to give his early poetry and mature fiction writing a distinctive contour.
'This is the first time that the global distribution of marine mammal richness has been compiled and presented as a map" said co-authors Sandra Pompa and Gerardo Ceballos of the NAUM. 'The most surprising and interesting result was that all of the species can be represented in only 20 critical conservation locations that cover at least ten per cent of the species' geographic range: Nine of these locations--making up four per cent of the world's ocean--had particularly high species richness, providing habitat for 108 marine mammal species in all.
by Naum Prifti, a prolific writer of short stories, children's books, novels, screenplays, and television scripts.