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Story by April Phillips, Naval Safety Center, Norfolk.
The Web site of the Naval Safety Center, which oversees the entire safety system, contains every bit of safety information imaginable, from ORM statistics to instruction materials for every naval division, from best practices to mishap checklists.
According to Naval Safety Center publications, shallow-water blackout occurs because hyperventilation lowers the amount of [CO.sub.2] in the blood and fools the body into believing it doesn't need to breathe even if available oxygen is nearing depletion.
GySgt McKay is an avionics analyst with the Naval Safety Center.
In July 2008, Wasp's motorcycle-safety program and instruction were identified by Commander, Naval Safety Center as a "best practice" for the fleet.
The Naval Safety Center offers many resources for mishap prevention.
Vernon Hunter as the Maintenance and Material Division Head at the Naval Safety Center.
The Naval Safety Center (NSC) is the ORM model manager.
Naval Safety Center reminds service members about the importance of motorcycle safety as more riders take advantage of the warmer weather.
A year ago, the Naval Safety Center published a special magazine called ORM, the Essentials, which outlined where we want ORM to be in our Navy culture.
John Williams has been an illustrator and graphic artist with the Naval Safety Center for 29 years.
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