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NAVINationaal Adviescentrum Vitale Infrastructuur (Dutch: Vital National Infrastructure Advisory)
NAVINational Agency of Vehicle Inspection (est. 2002; Japan)
NAVINorth American Vanadium Inc.
NAVINuclear Arms Verification Instrument
NAVINasal Accelerometric Vibrational Index (speech science)
NAVINetScreen Advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) Implementation (Juniper Training)
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The "EU India Smart Cities Knowledge and Innovation Program" will offer real time solutions for the Navi Mumbai Smart City Project.
Navi has even spent thousands of pounds rebuilding his face to become the spitting image of his hero.
Navi says the day is one of his most precious memories and the relationship with Michael continued over many years.
But Navi and the DJ covered for them and they madeit a really good night.
Subhankar Mitra, associate director- strategic consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle India, a global real estate consultancy company, said that Navi Mumbai, like other parts of Mumbai, has gone through a property cycle phase over the last three to four years.
Pioneer plans to launch the new Air Navi AVIC-T10 in early June, 2008 with no retail price suggested.
EC Navi has chosen to create JMEP at this juncture as a means of leveraging its bountiful know-how and experience in the creation and operation of highly successful Internet businesses both inside and outside of Japan during the past ten years, and its vast network of collaborative partners to help foreign Internet related companies to overcome the numerous difficult and unique obstacles to doing business in Japan.
Navi, who has been a lookalike for 13 years and performed in 33 countries, said: "I used to prance around pretending to be Michael and as I gradually got better at dancing and singing I started to do it professionally.
He said he also feels that city planners won't learn from Navi Mumbai's community planning, because its population is nearly five times the size of Santa Clarita.
Hordes of people thronged a property exhibition organised by the Builders Association of Navi Mumbai (BANM) in search of various schemes and offers to match their budget.
And city officials and residents who have noticed the similarities are working to form an official bond with Navi Mumbai as a sister city, to create economic and student cultural exchange programs.
When consumers push the NAVI button, it displays the machine's on-screen guide, which includes how-to recommendations for the most common functions.