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Sandy 01 authenticated Thaete and Maier, determined their locations, and "marked" them in his navigational computer. This allowed him to fly back to their location by selecting either location as his designated navigational point.
He dreams of a golden falcon that leads him to a magical instrument -- an ancient navigational computer called the astrolabe -- that frees him and his family from hardship.
But he proves he has the right stuff when it comes to operating the ship's navigational computer, and redeems himself in the eyes of his fellow astronauts by demonstrating courage under fire when they finally land on Mars.
The sorbent tape is dust-free and can be easily incorporated into existing design specifications to safeguard on-board automotive and marine electronics, navigational computers, optical electronics, and portable handheld devices, as well as larger laptop and LCD displays.
Along with flight crew and engineers, the pilot tested the Concorde's steering, braking and navigational computers.
Accompanied by flight crew and engineers, Capt Bannister tested steering, braking and navigational computers on Concorde.
The company's "Skunk Works" team - a forward-directed, think-tank of pilots Kim Kaiser, Steve Fulton, Bill Ziska, Kim Ratle, Mike Adams and Dean Schwab - helped the airline develop a way in which the GPS system could send information to two navigational computers that could in turn help the pilot determine the plane's exact location.
The digital data is used automatically by the fire control and navigational computers, avoiding the confusion caused by jammed or misunderstood voice communication.
The hour-long trial tested systems such as steering, braking and navigational computers as well as tyres as the aircraft made a full circuit of Heathrow.
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