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NAV REFNavigational Reference
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Assisted by just one navigational reference point--bottom-tracking--it appears feasible that REMUS could complete a 20- to 30-kilometer round trip between beacons.
At present, AUVs typically locate their position i shallow water by three methods of navigational reference, using GPS at the surface (1); an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) to "touch" the ocean bottom (2), and signals from stationary acoustic: beacons: (3).
Becauseit sits on the summit of the hill 170ft above sea level, it began to be cited as a navigational reference.
This allows each page reference to be categorized as a content or navigational reference for a particular user.
Because it is bright and located within 15[degree sign] of the south ecliptic pole, it is a handy navigational reference for astronauts and space probes.
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