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NAVTEXNavigational Telex
NAVTEXNavigation Telex Radio
NAVTEXNAVigational information TEleX
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A Cypriot Navtex comes into force Saturday, reserving the sea area inside the EEZ known as block 10 for exploration activity by US energy giant ExxonMobil.
In other words, the Turkish navtex covers an area that goes beyond the segment falling under Turkey's area of responsibility.
The new Navtex (0258/18) is effectively a renewal of a previous one (0217/18), bringing the total duration of the Turkish military exercises in the same area to an implausible 30 days.
Every vessel and ship having a Navtex, Sat-C, GMDSS, or mini-C will also receive the distress message to assist if nearby - a distress message that comes in a form of an alert giving the vessels name, time stamp, and position.
Now, our only hope is that when the Navtex, issued by Turkey, expires on Thursday the Saipem would be allowed to go to the Soupia plot.
Sample volumes would be controlled with a measured hopper with positioning by a combination of Radio navigation, GPS and Navtex systems.
Referring to the European Parliament's position, he said that since 2014 when Turkey has, through issuing a navtex, been provocative as regards the Republic of Cyprus' energy planning, the positions of all political groups as well as the European Parliament's President have been very clear.
This was evident on Wednesday, after a report in the Phileleftheros website, implied that the government was taking retaliatory action, by issuing a Navtex warning for a sea area of 600 square kilometres, "adjoined to the zone that was 'reserved' by Turkey".
Tenders are invited for Providing security services at loran c station patpur cuttack and navtex station balasore
Christodoulides refused to be drawn on what further diplomatic manoeuvres Nicosia had in store should Turkey extend the Navtex, or notice to mariners, by which it reserved for military drills the area in block 3.
The reserved area covers Cyprus' block 3 and the Turkish Navtex will be in force on February 18 -- at the same time that the drillship leased by ENI was to begin operating in the area.
A NAVTEX (Navigational Telex), a notice to mariners by Turkey, advising that it was reserving areas south of Cyprus - including parts of the country's EEZ - for seismic surveys, entered early on Monday morning into force, until December 30.