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NRTDNear Real-Time Data
NRTDNight Rather Than Day (Exid song)
NRTDNear-Real-Time Dissemination (US DoD)
NRTDNaval Reserve Training Division (Canada basic training school)
NRTDNear Real Time Display
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Apart from near real-time data integration, SharePlex boasts of a wide repertoire of competitive advantages to its users, including a high level of data accuracy and integrity, flexible datatype support, and unparalleled affordability.
DOD to provide uniform precipitation data everywhere in the world, every three hours--which equates to near real-time data on flood forecasting.
The firm also performs due diligence on all participating funds and managers, and its customizable portfolio and risk management technology provides near real-time data.
But the development of the program "has been a complex undertaking, involving the coordinated actions of multiple federal, state, and private stakeholders, and the creation of an information system to support connectivity and near real-time data sharing between health insurance exchanges and multiple federal and state agencies," Dicken said.
The service is called mHealth Manager and utilizes an FDA approved biometric data collection platform that will support care managers at health insurance companies, providing near real-time data for high-risk plan members.
This program breaks new ground in the area of near real-time data services, channel transparency and store-level analytics.
This near real-time data management optimizes the automation system processing with minimal tech intervention, but also ensures that the orders and result/sample handling instructions are present before the sample arrives at the next processing point.
When a connection is available, the application offers near real-time data updates.
Since 2002, a EUREF data centre has been operating at GOP with main focus on near real-time data and products.
Significant to ocean racing yachtsmen will be near real-time data, accessible on a laptop computer on board their boat, of the East Australian Current and its patterns along the New South Wales coast in late December.
lt;p>Proventia ESC could also identify those machines susceptible to new threats via its ability to gather and analyze near real-time data about endpoint configuration.
a subsidiary of Liberty Global, has deployed operations intelligence solutions across its footprint, enabling utilization of near real-time data to manage system performance, capacity and usage trends for over 90,000 subscribers through scorecards, reports and dashboard-style views.