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NWMNetwork Marketing
NWMNuclear Waste Management (various locations)
NWMNumerical Weather Model
NWMNetwork Management
NWMNew World Monkeys
NWMNatural World Museum (San Francisco, CA)
NWMNagoya Women's Marathon (Japan)
NWMNormal White Matter
NWMNationwide Wholesale Mortgage
NWMNo Worries Mate
NWMNo Way Man
NWMNearly Wet Myself (laughing)
NWMNederlansche Wapen-en Munitiefabriek
NWMNetworked Washing Machine (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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The first, second and third time I heard this, I nearly wet myself. Nobody else seemed to find this remotely funny yet they were in fits over Wellington having the highest number of patients presenting with foreign objects inserted inside them this year (Dunedin had the fewest, in case you're wondering.
I nearly wet myself laughing and told her I've been called a lot, but never that.
I nearly wet myself laughing when I pulled out a resistance exercise circle you use to tone your legs and arms.
I need to have that every day where I nearly wet myself laughing.
And when Benedict Cumberbatch joined her on stage I nearly wet myself.
"I cracked my sides," "I was rolling in agony," "I nearly wet myself," "He killed me!" are just some of the expressions we use to define our pleasure.
And the last few minutes when I was told to get stripped off, I actually nearly wet myself!
The boys dressed as Pooh and Tigger with the AR's on page 129 (Insider, Nov/Dec) made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. And, if Conner's wife (Guncrank Diaries) looks anything like the drawing of her and he doesn't want her anymore, well you get the idea.
"The first time I watched it I nearly wet myself laughing."
I laughed so much I nearly wet myself. Your husband would love it.