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A patient with slowly progressive adult-onset nemaline myopathy and novel compound heterozygous mutations in the nebulin gene.
It interacts directly with the tail domain of myosin filaments and indirectly with the thin filaments (through connecting proteins - mainly nebulin) (Hopkins; Rui et al., 2010).
The thin filaments (~10 nm of diameter) are composed mainly by actin, tropomyosin, the troponin complex with its three subunits, tropomodulin and nebulin (Gordon et al.).
Nebulin is a thin filament protein of the cardiac muscle of the agnathans.
These results are consistent with previous research showing that nebulin and titin degradation was slowest at pHu 6.0-6.3 [27], corresponding to the intermediate pH group in this study.
The degradation of key proteins, for instance, titin, nebulin, filamin, desmin and troponin-T, are responsible for tenderization during aging (Koohmaraie, 1992; Huff-Lonergan et al., 1996; Wheeler et al., 2000; Lametsch et al., 2002).