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It is, therefore, expected that the recent introduction of Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) will increase revenues of cellular operators which have acquired the necessary bandwidth to deliver content and services at high speed to subscribers.
Also, Internet Colorado/ICConnex's new network, complete with Zhone Active Ethernet OLT and ONT's, along with Ruckus Wireless Mesh wireless access points, will provide an economic boost for the city, establishing necessary bandwidth speeds and ensuring the communications dollars are kept within the City of Gunnison, instead of being sent to other states.
Using HPC technologies give musicians the necessary bandwidth to work with thousands of tracks, effects and unlimited polyphony in real time, as well as work with advanced physics to model plate reverbs, create evolving non-linear auditorium acoustics and emulate multi- microphone positions that will give sound endless possibilities, said Gilad Shainer, chairman of the HPC Advisory Council.
The resource reservation is carried out by the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), which guarantees the requested QoS and in case the necessary bandwidth may not be ensured that request would be dismissed immediately.
Once you've established an operational plan for how you will use and manage the data, then an assessment of the necessary bandwidth needs to be done.
Each Tesla GPU card is routed through the dedicated Intel North Bridge chip and has a dedicated single port QDR Infiniband chip to provide the necessary bandwidth for intra- and inter-node traffic.
The necessary bandwidth needed for a true immersive experience varies: If you want six different rooms linked together, you're looking at 12Mbps to 15Mbps of bandwidth.
"In Bahrain, 2Connect can deliver the necessary bandwidth for such services to function properly at a reasonable cost.
The AT&T MPLS solution can help provide the necessary bandwidth securely and efficiently to expand application use across organizations.
While private fiber could deliver the necessary bandwidth and QoS, this option was ruled out due to myriad rights-of-way issues and compounded by pricey installation and operating COSTS.
"All they need from us is a screen and a cart." (Plus, of course, the necessary bandwidth and download and upload speeds.)