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In his resignation letter, Alan Milburn said the Government is too busy dealing with Brexit to "have the necessary bandwidth to ensure the rhetoric of healing social division is matched with the reality"
The AT&T MPLS solution can help provide the necessary bandwidth securely and efficiently to expand application use across organizations.
100-Gigabit Ethernet, which is being defined alongside 40-GigE, will provide the necessary bandwidth aggregation for the growing numbers of 10-GigE and future 40-GigE connections in the data center.
Plus, of course, the necessary bandwidth and download and upload speeds.
If this were simply an engineering issue, it would not be a problem: modern IP networks allow different applications to employ different quality of service (QoS) levels, so that voice applications can be given priority access to the necessary bandwidth.
Furthermore, DDR technology prolongs battery life and provides the necessary bandwidth to unleash the true graphics engine performance for demanding 3D applications.
eCampaign Manager is only available as part of a full ASP (Application Service Provider) model, with Netmining implementing and maintaining the application in return for a monthly fee of EUR3,300 (inclusive of the software, the necessary bandwidth, support and maintenance).
DPS ensures that the necessary bandwidth and infrastructure will be available to support the Web sites of the next century.
Aframe provided the necessary bandwidth to deliver footage quickly to the end user.
Besides, Rogers hopes that its hybrid fibre-coaxial cable network is already equipped to facilitate the necessary bandwidth and, with more 4K TV sets and video streaming devices in the home, the high bit rate requirement further stresses that the hybrid fibre-coaxial cable network of the company enjoys advantages over the legacy networks related to speed and capacity.
Locally, streaming producers rely on an established Quality of Service, or QoS--the set of standards and mechanisms used in LANs to ensure the necessary bandwidth for the required level of service.
SuperJANET, the network core, provides fast, resilient, always-available and secure access to all JANET organizations to enable them to communicate effectively, with the necessary bandwidth to support heavy data flow.