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References in classic literature ?
"No need to go to any great trouble for me," she protested, when I had seated her in Wolf Larsen's arm-chair, which I had dragged hastily from his cabin.
"There ain't no need to go into it," he said, looking round once more.
"There is no need to go against this man with force of arms," she said.
"When Groslow undertakes this kind of thing there's no need to go over the ground a second time."
There was no need to go back on what you couldn't see.
The farm lads will carry your great wardrobes upstairs, for there is no need to go into expense at Hilton."
KATIE McGlynn said 'women need to go for their smear tests' as the nation prepares to say an emotional goodbye to her much-loved Coronation Street character Sinead Tinker.
"There's no sweepers in this game, they need to go man-for-man and you can't stand off them."
Kilmarnock need to go and win their game regardless.
Volunteers are located at the temporary entrances in the medical mall and the rear entrance to help assist patients and visitors and escort them to where they need to go within the hospital.
Both countries need to go for peace talks because no country can afford war.
Users need to go to the settings, account, privacy and then screen lock and turn on Touch ID or Face ID.
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