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We need to learn from this and get better," he told reporters here after the match.
Gerrard (right) said: "My players need to learn quick that, when you're in Europe, sometimes the decisions are not the same as domestically."
"We need to learn to defend as a team and we need to do things the right way.
He said Journalists and scientists need to learn communication skills.
"They're winning the league with a top team and a very great spirit and we need to learn that aspect."
ISLAMABAD -- Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Inzamam ul Haq has said that countrymen need to learn to accept that defeats are part of the games.
"But it's also about learning different things at different stages of development, but you will get to the stage where you need to learn how to work hard.
"I know what I meant on Saturday, it has cost me some money and I need to learn quickly how to deal with things that happen," he is quoted as saying on the club's official Twitter feed.
Whether because we're too busy, we forget, we don't know what we need to learn, or we don't have the resources we think we need, we end up learning by chance or command.
Stuart Pearce said: "My mentality going into the game was 'what would I need to learn as a manager going into a major tournament this summer and what would the possible next manager looking from afar need to learn about individuals?'
The controlled group involved 40 students who need to learn the dissolve concept on the Web pages, and complete the homework which was assigned by the Web pages by themselves.
You need to learn how to control your anger and let it out safely.