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NEEPNortheast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.
NEEPNuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics (various locations)
NEEPNegative End-Expiratory Pressure
NEEPNational Energy Efficiency Program (Saudi Arabia)
NEEPNational Exercise and Evaluation Program
NEEPNuclear Electronic Effects Program (NASA)
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While the neeps are cooking, cook the leaves in a separate pan of boiling, salted water until just tender.
Mr Neep said an expansion at its Glenmorangie distillery had lifted output while its Ardbeg distillery on Islay is currently operating at more than 90 per cent capacity.
But Mrs Neep, who also has a 15-year-old son William, said she forgave Robert.
Energy efficiency is helping Vermont to do more by using less," noted Scott Johnstone, NEEP Board member and Executive Director of Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, host for Efficiency Vermont, Vermont's statewide efficiency utility.
The NEEP is the only body which has been specifically set up to carry out the six functions outlined in Saturday's article, which also includes activities such as inward investment and strategic account management.
Mr Neep was speaking after the release of Glenmorangie's interim results for the six months to September.
I am much more afraid to go out now, even if there are young children about," said Mr Neep, a former special constable.
NEEP chairman John Cuthbert is experienced enough to know that the key to its success is to make it fit as closely as possible to the model of regional governance envisaged by ministers.
The irony that the RDA is being wound up and two LEPs and a NEEP are being created is not lost on many.
WITH all the recent talk of LEPs and the NEEP (North East Economic Partnership), I thought it worthwhile briefly explaining what they are and secondly, why are they important for the North East.
The Government has said it wants the NEEP to look after "activity" between the two local enterprise partnerships.