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Cerebrospinal fluid Negative Positive Negative Brain biopsy Negative Positive Negative Bronchial secretions Negative Positive Negative Lung biopsy Negative Positive Negative Skin biopsy Negative Positive Negative Blood NA NA NA Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cerebrospinal fluid Positive Positive Positive Brain operative specimen Positive Positive Negative Sputum Negative Positive NA Bronchial secretions Negative Positive Positive Lung biopsy Negative Negative Negative Blood NA Positive Negative * NA, not available Organism, patient specimen Immunostaining Serology Acanthamoeba sp.
Assignment of patients based on the results of nasal provocation testing (NPT), skin endpoint titration (SET), and skin-prick testing (SPT) results Group n NPT SET SPT 1 26 Positive Positive Positive 2 1 Positive Positive Negative 3 3 Positive Negative Positive 4 4 Positive Negative Negative 5 19 Negative Negative Negative 6 6 Negative Positive Positive 7 3 Negative Positive Negative 8 0 Negative Negative Positive Table 2.
Serological Results Using Drug-Coated and Uncoated Red Blood Cells Antiglobulin Test Flow Cytometry Admission Postdrug Admission Postdrug Sample Sample Sample Sample Cefotetan Negative Positive Negative Positive Cefazolin Not tested Not tested Negative Negative Uncoated Negative Negative Negative Negative
Results of serologic tests at diagnosis and during follow-up * Anaplasma (Ehrlichia) phagocytophilum Time (d) after (IFA) ([dagger]) onset of symptoms IgM IgG 6 Negative (<1:20) Negative (<1:32) 10 ND ND 28 Positive (1:40) Negative (1:32) 107 Positive (1:20) Negative (<1:32) 380 Negative (<1:20) Negative (<1:32) Borrelia burgdorfen Borrelia burgdorferi Time (d) after (ELISA) (Immunoblot) onset of ([double dagger]) ([section]) symptoms IgM IgG IgM IgG 6 Negative Negative Negative Negative 10 Positive Negative ND ND 28 Positive Negative Positive Negative 107 Positive Negative Positive Negative 380 Equivocal Negative Pnsitiva Negative * Symptoms (fever, headache, myalgia) started 6 days before presentation.
of Nasopharyngeal HEp-2 LLC-MK2 MDCK patients (%) aspirate cells cells cells 1 (4.0) Positive Positive Positive Positive 1 (4.0) Positive Positive Positive Negative 1 (4.0) Negative Positive Positive Negative 1 (4.0) Negative Positive Negative Positive 18 (72.0) Negative Positive Negative Negative 3 (12.0) Negative Negative Positive Negative (a) RT-PCR, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction; HEp-2, human laryngeal carcinoma monolayer; LLC-MK2, rhesus monkey kidney monolayer; MDCK, Mardin Darby canine kidney monolayer; BGM, Buffalo green monkey kidney monolayer.