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NWOMNegative Word-of-Mouth
NWOMNine Women, One Month
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Later Singh (1990) proposed a model that predicts and explains variation in voice, exit, and negative word-of-mouth behaviors.
The Influences of Relationship Type and Expectation of Punishment on Evaluation of Negative Word-of-Mouth Intentions
Secondly, this study empowers businesses to be more aware of the consensus surrounding their business and can formulate actions to resolve negative word-of-mouth and swing consumers' opinions in their favor.
However, if a brand is unable to deliver what it has promised then it must be prepared to come up with campaigns to boost sales or defend itself against negative word-of-mouth - a medium that can make or break a brand.
And with vocal, networked users the target, the potential for positive or negative word-of-mouth is very real.
With 1.5 million blogs and 3 million tweets posted daily, companies will increasingly find themselves on the receiving end of wide-reaching negative word-of-mouth.
(1983), Negative word-of-mouth by dissatisfied consumers: A pilot study.
But every retailer I've talked to about NPS -- owners and staff alike -- relates to the idea of working to increase how many people actively promote our business and to decrease the number of people (customers or otherwise) who may be spreading negative word-of-mouth about our organization.Not being an expert on statistics (that was the one business school class that almost did me in), I'll send you to Reichheld's book for the methodology and research that supports the "Ultimate Question" approach; but suffice it to say that organizations much more well-known than Zingerman's are using it, including Intuit, FedEx, Dell, Harley-Davidson and others.