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NITNational Invitation Tournament
NITNational Institute of Technology
NITNations in Transit (survey; Freedom House; Washington, DC)
NITNotice Inviting Tender
NITNúmero de Identificación Tributaria (Colombian business tax number)
NITNippon Institute of Technology (Japan)
NITNetwork Information Table
NITNetwork Investigative Technique (hacking tool; US FBI)
NITNational Indigenous Times (est. 2002; Australia)
NITNetwork Integration Testing
NITNegative Income Tax
NITNational Investment Trust (Pakistan)
NITNew in Town
NITNot In Time
NITNorthern Institute of Technology (Hamburg-Harburg, Germany)
NITNorfolk International Terminals
NITNetwork Interface Tap
NITNet Integration Technologies
NITNear Infrared Transmission
NITNot in Therapy
NITNortel Institute for Telecommunications
NITNot Invited Tournament
NITNon Instructional Time
NITNon International Traveler
NITNear-Identity Transformation
NITNorthwest Iowa Transportation, Inc.
NITNotifications for International Travel
NITNational Intelligence Test
NITNetwork Integration Test
NITNahzati Islomi Tojikiston (Islamic Renaissance of Tajikistan)
NITNORLUN Instability Trough (weather; named after scientists Nogueira and Lundstedt)
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Other business leaders held favourable positions on the negative income tax in the years running up to the FAP.
("The bill in its present form," he wrote in Newsweek, "is a striking example of how to spoil a good idea.") In theory, a negative income tax could appeal to the left because it stopped trying to tell poor people what to do, to the right because it displaced dysfunctional welfare bureaucracies, and to libertarians for both reasons.
* A negative income tax (NIT) program is one means of implementing a BIG.
Four landmark experiments in the 1960s and '70s examined the Negative Income Tax's impact on labor supply.
An inheritance tax on estates of millionaires can help fund the negative income tax and maintain inter-generational equity, serving as an antidote to plutocracy and rule by billionaire babies.
6, 2010 (CENS)--With income inequality drawing national attention recently, the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) is considering again the program for subsidizing low-income families, the so-called negative income tax or earned income tax credit (EITC).
The EITC represents a negative income tax for households that qualify for it.
In his 1961 book "Capitalism and Freedom," he developed the idea of a negative income tax system, an inverted progressive income tax, to guarantee a minimum income to poor families.
At the same time, Professors Friedman and Tobin were among the most prominent economists supporting proposals for a "Negative Income Tax" (NIT).
As described in the book, "the impetus to do something real" about the problem came from Economists Milton Friedman and George Stigler who, in the mid 1940s, wrote a paper that proposed a guaranteed annual income (GAI) and a negative income tax (NIT).
The two main types of policies that can achieve the goal of putting a floor under everyone's income are the Basic Income (BI) and the Negative Income Tax (NIT).