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Actually, the question in (17) can be easily disambiguated by means of the positive polarity item (ppi) too and the negative polarity item (npi) either.
Kadmon and Landman (1993) argue that the negative polarity item any must be used instead of its positive polarity counterpart some in downward entailing contexts, because in downward entailing contexts, the widening of the domain of quantification leads to a more informative statement.
2.2 Non-assertive forms and Negative Polarity Items
Jedinice negativne polarnosti cak i samo (Even Negative Polarity Items and Only Negative Polarity Items), 4.
Uncommon distributions of negative polarity items are looked at closely, and placed in the context of typological and historical comparison.
For example, traditional conceptual arguments for and against the idea that the meaning of sentences can be modeled as sets of possible worlds are combined with an argument that thinking of meaning as sets of possible worlds contributes to a powerful explanation of the behavior of so-called 'negative polarity items' (NPIs).
As the editors note, the three topics are conceptually connected: implicatures (scalars at least) are sensitive to negative polarity items and presupposition, unlike entailment, is typically invariant under negation.
They also include empirical studies of such topics as negative polarity items, pleonastic negation, the interaction of negatives with quantification in syntax and morphology, and the form and function of negation and negative polarity in specific languages.
he is unhappy), the nature and syntactic features of negative polarity items (NPI's), negative raising, negative transfer or not-transportation (as in Peter does not think Paul is coming to the party), problems related to the scope of negation with quantifiers (All the boys did not come is either paraphrased "Not all the boys came--but some did" or "None of the boys came"), negation and idiomaticity (as in Dont't put the cart before the horse; no gain without pain), the acquisition of negation in both native and second/foreign language, double and multiple negation (as in I didn't do nothing no more; It is not an insignificant issue), the features of negation associated with a particular genre and register, and so this list could go on and on.
Licensing of negative polarity items in Moroccan Arabic.
The book by Laurence Horn, currently professor and director of undergraduate studies in the University of Yale, and Yasuhiko Kato, professor of Linguistics at Sophia University, Tokyo, deals with some of the questions which are most hotly debated in this area, such as the syntactic and semantic properties of polarity, the characteristics of negative inversion and its relevance for the distinction between sentential and constituent, local or subclause negation, the nature of negative polarity items (NPIs), the force of negation in Wh exclamatives and interrogatives, and the role of negation in coordinated structures.