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NEGONegotiated Fares
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In addition to the published normal and discounted airfares displayed in the travel agency's computer reservations system, there are four major categories of discount fares and programs: (1) negotiated fares, (2) consolidator fares, (3) airline discount coupons, and (4) passenger-type discounts.
A low-fare search tool automatically compares published and negotiated fares to ensure that you are offered the best deal.
As an Etihad preferred partner, Barrhead Travel have specially negotiated fares with the carrier and have put together an inspiring selection of cost-effective holidays based around this exciting new service from Edinburgh, conveniently connecting via Etihad's hub in Abu Dhabi to a global network of many destinations.
A number of other options are available which will enable Ickenham Travel to exclude travel providers, blacklist airports, set cancellation and service fees and provide access to all negotiated fares on the company's system.
All ATPCo fields and structures that are supported by the Amadeus XML Fare Data Interface - negotiated fares upload - are reflected in the Ypsilon Transfare application, such as net fares, selling fares - net only fares can be loaded as well and these can then be marked-up in the Mark-up & Distribution module of the Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform.