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NJNew Jersey (US postal abbreviation)
NJNice Job
NJNational Jewish (Medical & Research Center)
NJNo Joke
NJNick Jonas (of Jonas Brothers)
NJNew Jack (pro wrestler)
NJNorma Jean
NJNorsk Journalistlag (Norway)
NJNot Joking
NJNasojejunal (feeding tube)
NJNidec Corporation (Japan)
NJNorges Juristforbund (Norway)
NJNot Judgeable (skydiving competitions)
NJOccupation Postage Due (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NJNapierville Junction Railway Company
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The phylogenetic relationship illustrated, using neighbor-joining (NJ) method which exhibit three lineages.
A) Evolutionary relationships of representative strains of African swine fever virus based on the neighbor-joining phylogeny of the partial p72 gene sequences.
The evolutionary histories of 30 taxa were inferred using the neighbor-joining method (NJ) (Saitou & Nei, 1987) (Figure 2).
Indeed, the neighbor-joining tree (Figure 2(a)) shows a consistent clustering of the HIV-1 subtypes (red), the coronaviruses (black), and the flaviviral species (blue).
El arbol Neighbor-Joining obtenido a partir de la distancia genetica de Nei [D.sub.A] (Nei et al.
The differentiation among populations of different species of Bryconamericus was inferred from neighbor-joining and maximum likelihood dendrograms, using the same model previously defined by the program Modeltest 3.7.
El algoritmo de preferencia para estudios de codigo de barras molecular es el Neighbor-Joining (Hebert et al.
A preliminary neighbor-joining tree (not shown) constructed using only the east Texas sequences and those of Schussler et al.
The unrooted tree produced using the neighbor-joining algorithm is shown in Fig.
Parsimony and neighbor-joining analysis did not show support for the four wild Turkey subspecies studied.
These data formed the basis of phylogenetic analyses using three methods of phylogenetic tree construction: maximum likelihood (1), parsimony (2), and neighbor-joining (3).
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