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I'm angry with people who voted opposite to me in the EU referendum 25% I'm not angry with people who voted the opposite way to me in the EU referendum 64% Don't know 11% SINCE THE 2016 EU REFERENDUM I HAVE FOUND IT HARDER TO DISCUSS POLITICS WITH PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT VIEWS Agree 47% Neither agree nor disagree 29% Disagree 22% Don't know 3% I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO CHAT TO SOMEONE WITH AN OPPOSING VIEW WITHOUT ANYONE SHOUTING Agree 60% Neither agree or disagree 29% Disagree 8% Don't know 3% WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING COMES CLOSEST TO YOUR VIEW?
For every test statement in the survey, respondents could strongly agree, simply agree, neither agree nor disagree, simply disagree, or strongly disagree.
Mean scores and standard deviations were interpreted using the real limits of the scale: 1.00-1.49 = strongly disagree, 1.50-2.49 = disagree, 2.50-3.49 = neither agree nor disagree, 3.50-4.49 = agree, 4.50-5.00 = strongly agree.
In response to this question, 25% said strongly agree, 24% said somewhat agree, 22% said neither agree nor disagree, 19% said somewhat disagree and 5% said strongly disagree.
Strongly disagree 14.3% Tend to disagree 39.7% Neither agree nor disagree 26.4% Tend to agree 12.9% Strongly agree 6.6% Does being born a man make life...?
Contribution that business makes to society Create jobs 31.1% Boost the economy / attract foreign investment 19.2% Improve livelihoods 18.5% Develop human capital 13.1% Provide better products / services 7.6% Be a role model for the country / industry 5.9% Pay taxes 2.7% None 1.0% Others 0.8% Total Answers 5,052 Sources: Global Shapers Survey, WEF, 2017, Latin Trade Companies should not be involved in addressing society's problems Agree 12.8% Neither agree nor disagree 13.4% Disagree 73.7% Total answers 5,051 Services like health care, education, and social security should be provided by private sector, not by the government Agree 26.2% Neither agree nor disagree 21.3% Disagree 52.5% Total answers 5,542
The scale was labelled strongly disagree = 1, disagree = 2, neither agree nor disagree = 3, agree = 4, and strongly agree = 5.
1 = Strongly Disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = Slightly Disagree 4 = Neither Agree nor Disagree 5 = Slightly Agree 6 = Agree 7 = Strongly Agree In most ways my life is close to my ideal.
The benefits of Neither agree nor disagree modern consumer products are more important than the pollution that results from their production and use.
27% incorrectly agree that there is nothing anyone can do; a further 26% neither agree nor disagree; and only 43% correctly disagreed with the statement.
There is a final question asking respondents if overall they agree, disagree, neither agree nor disagree or don't understand the proposals.