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NMNBNeither Man Nor Beast (Sydney album)
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His face came forward and peered at my nails, came forward into the light of the opening of the hut and I saw with a quivering disgust that it was like the face of neither man nor beast, but a mere shock of grey hair, with three shadowy over-archings to mark the eyes and mouth.
But a still more wonderful conjuror fashioned for himself a mighty thing that was neither man nor beast, but which had brains of lead, intermixed with a black matter like pitch, and fingers that it employed with such incredible speed and dexterity that it would have had no trouble in writing out twenty thousand copies of the Koran in an hour, and this with so exquisite a precision, that in all the copies there should not be found one to vary from another by the breadth of the finest hair.
"So long as neither man nor beast has seen or heard us, we are safe," said he.
Neither man nor beast had turned a single hair; and saving for his soiled skirts and spatter-dashes, this gentleman, with his blooming face, white teeth, exactly-ordered dress, and perfect calmness, might have come from making an elaborate and leisurely toilet, to sit for an equestrian portrait at old John Willet's gate.
Then I took the pieces of cable which I had cut in the ship, and laid them in rows, one upon another, within the circle, between these two rows of stakes, up to the top, placing other stakes in the inside, leaning against them, about two feet and a half high, like a spur to a post; and this fence was so strong, that neither man nor beast could get into it or over it.
Surely this thing was neither man nor beast, so what could it be then other than the Creator of the Universe!
Neither man nor beast shall stay you till you come within eye-shot of Khanhiwara.
No one who ever met him could have doubted that - nor the fact that Alan would lower Moseley's colours for neither man nor beast.
Cut to present day, when a now 35-year-old John (Mark Wahlberg) shares a well-appointed Boston apartment with his girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis), and his furry 'Thunder Buddy' (neither man nor beast have outgrown a phobia of thunderstorms, among other things.) John works as a middling salesman at a car rental agency, while Ted spends his days -- often in John's company -- ripping bong hits on the couch while watching vintage "Flash Gordon" episodes.
Neither man nor beast had to suffer during the shoot.
When the wind is in the east, tis good for neither man nor beast.
That was a cold, wet day fit for neither man nor beast.