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NDRTNelson-Denny Reading Test
NDRTNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Disaster Relief Team
NDRTNational Disaster Response Team (various states)
NDRTNorth Dorset Railway Trust (UK)
NDRTNorth Doncaster Rural Trust (UK)
NDRTNetwork Disaster Recovery Team (AT&T)
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This year's cohort had the eighth highest pre-test Nelson-Denny Reading test score average, and the fourth highest post-test average.
During the first week of class, students completed the pretest, Nelson-Denny Reading Test, and provided self-reported demographic information.
Students' Nelson-Denny Reading Test scores were also correlated with their performances on the pretest.
The Nelson-Denny Reading Test The Nelson-Denny Reading Test was used in this study as a standard test of reading comprehension.
Moreover, in order to motivate the subjects to answer the comprehension test and in order to eliminate any possibility of hint to the manipulation of the passages in the Comprehension Test, the six passages were retyped (exactly following the NDRT's format), reprinted and attached to the Nelson-Denny Reading Test, as if they ere he continuation of the seven reading comprehension passages of the NDRT.
The results indicated that the examinees would perform better if they had answered the Reading Comprehension Test first and the Nelson-Denny Reading Test next.
Nelson-Denny Reading Test was on the basis of giving one point to every correct answer of the Vocabulary section and two points to every correct answer of the Comprehension section.
The primary purpose of the Nelson-Denny Reading Test (Forms G and H) is to determine the level of student ability in three areas of academic achievement: vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading rate.
The last revisions of the Nelson-Denny Reading Test are Forms G and H.
The Nelson-Denny Reading Test has predictive validity for academic success (Allen, 1991; Feldt, 1988).
The Nelson-Denny Reading Test and the Cornell Critical Thinking Test were administered by the same proctor on scheduled test dates with four preservice classes and one emergency permit class.
Recognizing the importance of reading to successful communications within the accounting profession, a group of professors at a regional state university asked students enrolled in Managerial Accounting (Principles of Accounting II), Intermediate Accounting II, and Advanced Accounting II classes to take the Nelson-Denny Reading Test (NDRT).