NENDNear End (see FEND)
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As well as making the destruction order, Judge Alistair McCreath banned Nend from keeping dogs for life.
But Judge McCreath told Nend he did not believe him and ordered he give up the animal within 14 days.
Tote: 11-4 Laura Searle, 3 Marlene Crawford, 7-2 Sarah Nend, 4 Barry Coombs, 7 Michelle Fox, 7 Joanna Boniface
a high-end backup and recovery solution for our ded Parallel Optio n customers with a data protection solution that automates the backup process, increases da and incremental backups, thus negating the nend tape and tape library support, the ability protection.
Measured before the impact of consigA year ago, the company reported first-half nend digital music businesses rose a solid 17 percent, turning in the strongest quarterly sales performance in more than two years.