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NGNational Guard (US)
NGNot Good
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NGNo Good
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NGNational Grid (formerly Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation)
NGNice Guy
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NGNetGaming (consultancy services)
NGNugaal (postal region, Somalia)
NGNatural Ground (survey)
NGNew York to Guantanamo (routing designation; US Navy)
NGNittle Grasper (band from Gravitation anime)
NGNetwork Grid
NGNaval Group
NGNo Generics (prescriptions)
NGNose Grab (snowboarding)
NGEngine Gas Generator Speed
NGNorth Gang
NGNetworth Gain
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The artist's most prolific decade was coterminous with the vying neo-geo and neo-expressionist movements, neither of which had much truck with the scrawled curlicues and unapologetic girliness of her acrylics and works on paper.
It meant that in SoHo in the 1960s and '70s, with the emergence of new media (video, installation, sound art), and in the East Village of the 1980s, which could claim an apocalyptically minded post-punk aesthetic, not to mention Neo-Geo.
I've also witnessed the births and deaths of movements like Color Field, Pattern and Decoration, New Image, the Pictures Generation, Neo-Expressionism, Neo-Geo, and Post-Conceptualism.
One of the central ways in which Kitaj countered the dominant artistic tendencies of his time was in his insistence that his pictures reveal themselves slowly, rather than hitting the viewer with their immediate visceral and visual impact, as was the case with Pop Art and Minimalism in the 1960s and two decades later with such tendencies as Neo-Expressionism or Neo-Geo.
The color grid also emits a sort of neo-geo ambiance, if it weren't so much more like a pixellated crossword puzzle.
In 1990, Cash married Emily, the Neo-Geo Baseball champion, and they appeared together on the first series of the Gamesmaster television programme.
You've got to go back to the Neo-Geo system to find the roots of this classic side-scrolling shooter franchise.
When I walked into Sascha Braunig's recent exhibition, her third in New York but the first I've seen, I imagined for a moment that I was back in the 1980s-- specifically, in that brief interregnum between neo-expressionism and neo-geo, when what was called neo-Surrealism was the rage, and artists such as Will Mentor, Peter Schuyff, and Tishan Hsu seemed ubiquitous.
Indeed, the art on view offers little of the smug irony and slick sensationalism of, say, the International With Monument stable; but the decade of junk bonds and neo-geo heralded more than the death of the author, of course, just as the Pictures artists weren't the only ones we called po-mo.
Painted in electric shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow, along with gray, black, and silver, the eight canvases that were on view simultaneously channel the detached cool of 1980s neo-geo paintings and the meditative quality of ancient Indian tantric designs.
Although that short-lived circuit of storefront galleries and clubs produced artists who would prosper in the market, notably the neo-geo group that included Jeff Koons, it is significantly and fondly remembered as an alternative to the established art world: a low-rent bohemia, memorialized in the photographs of Lankton's friend Nan Goldin, that allowed young artists to live and work without much in the way of means.
For Steinbach, this has resulted in his being defined primarily through his signature shelf works of the 1980s, groupings of objects that helped position him alongside neo-geo artists such as Ashley Bickerton and Jeff Koons, whose work was driven by a fascination with the sheen and allure of the commodity.