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NEPOMUKNetworked Environment for Personalized, Ontology-Based Management of Unified Knowledge (software specification)
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Contract notice: School transport johann nepomuk of short-school ingolstadt school for the physically handicapped with special education day care center.
Thereafter, at least one premiere was added every year which comprised an attempt to revive, recreate or newly interpret the widest range of primary theatre texts from Sporck's circle or directly from Kuks as well as an operatic intermezzo from the Antonio Bioni opera Orlando furioso (Kuks 1724), Rademin's libretto for oratorios about John of Nepomuk, poems by Sporck's court poet Gottfried Benjamin Hancke, including the versified Description of Kuks Spa (Beschreibung des Kuckus-Baades], 1722, texts about the devil's notary Fitzli-Putzli, Christoph Lorentz Pfeiffer's description of the Kuks astronomical clock 'The Christian Clock [Dos Christliche Uhr], etc.
Had opinion polls existed in 1820, they would have ranked Johann Nepomuk Hummel alongside Beethoven, Weber, and Rossini as among the greatest of all living composers.
As for Nepomuk, he loses his job in the sanatorium but eventually ends up in a vast hotel in the middle of nowhere - there is a "course" run by an insurance company he is supposed to attend.
Titled "The Trumpet Shall Sound," the program will feature the Cleveland Orchestra's Robert Sullivan in Johann Nepomuk Hummel's virtuosic Concerto for Trumpet in E-flat Major.
As families strolled back across the famous bridge with its 30 weather-worn statues, many paused below the figure of St John of Nepomuk - the patron saint of Czechs - and reached over to touch the bronze base, its embossed figures polished brightly by centuries of silent prayers.
In the construction phase BA 01 is a place for the Nepomuk monument and a portion of the adjoining flood-protection wall will be created in the wake of the flood protection measures which currently being built, Bridge Stock AustraE-e.
Vojtech, Hussite, Czech Brethren and Nepomuk traditions).
His partners included Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Marianne Martinez and Ignaz Von Beecke.
John of Nepomuk, Oratorio di San Giovanni Nepomuceno), as well as programmes of Baroque sacred music from the Cesky Krumlov archives.
The oil painting that accompanies this column is by Johann Nepomuk della Croce.