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NEPSANew England Political Science Association
NEPSANew England Peace Studies Association (Sherborn, MA)
NEPSANorth East Pro Stock Association (motorsports)
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For those seeking a customized product, nepsa solutions has partnered with Sternberg Lighting.
175) para analise do NEPSA, constituida por tres fases distintas: leitura situacional, leitura filmica e leitura valorativa.
Nepsa was instrumental to Hyland's growth during his tenure leading the sales division.
"Les will be working closely with our outstanding sales teams in both natural foods and food, drug and mass merchandisers," Nepsa added.
NEPSA: We've had some experience in our natural food division, which is a core business for us.
Until the late 1980s homeopathic drugs were sold primarily through natural food stores, according to Nepsa. Hyland's began selling its products through major retail drug chains in 1992.
"In a chain drug store," Nepsa says, "you don't have the same type of shopper or the same personnel.
"When we were the only voice in the mass market it was difficult to get our message across," states Dale Nepsa, president of Hylands Inc., which has been marketing homeopathic products to chain drug stores, supermarkets and discounters since 1992.
Hyland's president Dale Nepsa notes that in recent years Calms Fort8 has become one of the fastest-growing items in drugs stores, showing that the medicine is providing consumers with a much-needed, effective natural sleep aid option.
Young mothers and other consumers in chain drug outlets are different than shoppers in natural food stores, notes Dale Nepsa, Hyland's vice president.
vice president Dale Nepsa. "In the past pharmacists didn't know a lot about homeopathy and tended to shy away from talking about it with their patients."
"Our business in drug stores has been building for the last eight or nine years," comments Dale Nepsa, vice president of Hyland Inc.'s P&S Labs division.