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NERENew English Rock Ensemble
NERENetwork for Experimental Research on Evolution (University of California, Irvine)
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On the other hand, the few remarks on the nature and quality of the translations are laconic and far too general (it is also a little bumptious to call Lock's statement that she has rendered the original "so nere as I possibly might" and "in so plaine Englishe as I could expresse" her "philosophy of translation") and this is not compensated for by the nevertheless useful textual notes showing deviations from the French original.
And the bones and skulls upon the severall places of their habitations made such a spectacle after my comming into those partes, that, as I travailed in that Forrest nere the Massachusetts, it seemed to mee a new found Golgotha.
e] tolde me (42) and when they come to brasyll they will then halle upe as nere as they can to santyagos and then the[y] rune sowth sowth easte or Lytle--other for yf a man covet to nere the coste of guynea then he shall have calmes therfore yt ys god to kepe a good course (43) to come not to nere yt.
In a field survey, Raira encountered Ismail Nere, one of the most talented kombow painters.
At the same time, Gardano was putting out books with music in the new note nere style that was more unpredictable in almost every respect and therefore more challenging, as well as aesthetically more complex.
Quebec The Fortified City: From the 17th to the 19th Century by Andre Charboneau, Yvon Desloges, Marc LaFrance argues that the source manuscript is more properly dated around 1709 and reflects the work of the French military engineer Levasseur de Nere.
Tenders are invited for Improvement to Panvel Matheran road SH -54 (section Sukhapur to Nere gaon) Km 1/500 to 6/800 Tal : Panvel, Dist : Raigad
adornatus per la colorazione della pinna anale, che consiste in tre strie longitudinali gialle alternate a tre strie nere (assenti nelle restanti specie di Hypsolebias del complesso adornatus, o rclativamente poco evidenti 2 strie gialle e 2-3 strie grigie in H.
12) But Faustus offence can nere be pardoned, The Serpent that tempted Eue may be sau'd, But not Faustus (C.
Great Marshall to King Henry the Sixt of his realme of Fraunce, who dyed at the battaile of Castilion, nere Bourdeaux.
diluvio, persone spesso ignobili, anime nere, capitani di ventura.