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NERENew English Rock Ensemble
NERENetwork for Experimental Research on Evolution (University of California, Irvine)
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In her appeal, Nere argued that the trial court erred in giving several improper jury instructions while refusing other instructions.
We, therefore, recommend that the higher entry requirements that apply to workers in the NERE categories be eliminated.
Nere feels like a freak with her pale skin, thick glasses, and weak lungs.
Colette's La Vagabonde (1910) tells the story of Renee Nere, an erstwhile successful novelist who embarks upon a career as a music hall performer in order to earn a living after divorcing her philandering and emotionally abusive husband.
The agreement, which will fund the Nema-Fasala Nere causeway, was signed at Mauritania's capital of Nouakchott by its Minister of Economic and Development Affairs Sidi Ould Tah and the KFAED's Deputy Director General Hamad Al-Omar.
Althougn qPCR is nere to stay, an emerging technology called digital PCR offers far greater sensitivity, accuracy and precision.
David Lucier and Dennis Lucier all of Worcester; two step-daughters, April Lucier and her partner Benjamin Boi of Marlborough and Rachel Fleck and her husband Barry of Webster; his sister Theresa Roseberry and her husband Nere of Sterling; 15 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren, 12 step-grandchildren, 12 step-great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.
Romania: F Vlaicu; S Ciuntu, I Cazan, I Dumitras, A Apostol; M Dumbrava, L Sirbu; N Nere, B Suman, S Florea, V Poparlan, C Petre (capt), S Burcea, C Ratiu, O Tonita.
la sua collana di perle nere il nastro intorno alla testa
Fourth, the metaphor "Fayth is thy Fort, thy shield, thy strongest ayde, / Never controld, nere yeelded, nere dismayd" evokes the Tower as the fortress that Jane and Guilford yielded to Mary, although they refused to yield their faith.
Bella per nere chiomi e nere lumi, E per aspetto amabilment fiero, Chi non cede, puo dirsi in odio ai Numi, Al prepotente tuoi' vezzi impero.