NERICANew Rice for Africa (rice variety)
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53 t/ha) but it was similar to japonica group and different than NERICA (6.
Also, all the herbicides evaluated, had resulted in significantly higher crop vigour score than the no-herbicide control throughout the experimental periods, while, among the three rice varieties evaluated, WITA 4 and NERICA, had higher crop vigour score than SIPPI.
Yukio Sato said he believes the NERICA rice would become a ''powerful tool'' to fight poverty and food shortage in poor countries.
A randomized complete block design replicated three times and rice cultivars NERICA 1, NERICA 4, NERICA 10, NERICA 11 and Dourado precoce, a local landrace were used.
NERICA is the hope for food security in the area as it can be grown anywhere, without the need for irrigation.
Monty Jones of Liberia for NERICA rice, which is now a popular variety in many African ecologies and Dr.
The release of NERICA in 1996 by Africa Rice gave a boost to rice production, especially in west and central Africa.
Funded by the World Bank, Nerica (new rice for Africa) planned to combine the ruggedness of African rice with the productivity of the Asian species.
NERICA varieties adapt well to the difficult production environments and low levels of farming inputs.