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NERNamed Entity Recognition
NERNominal Exchange Rate (currency)
NERNiger (ISO Country code)
NERNucleotide Excision Repair (molecular genetics)
NERNortheast Region (NPS)
NERNorth Eastern Railway (Railway in NE England 1854-1922)
NERNortheast Region (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
NERNew England Region
NERNorth Eastern Region (India)
NERNetwork Edge Router
NERNeutral Earthing Resistor (industrial electronics)
NERNeryungri (Russia)
NERNational Equipment Register
NERNational Electricity Regulator (South Africa)
NERNo Education Required
NERNew Economic Regulations (France)
NERNet Enrollment Ratio
NERNet Enrollment Rate (education)
NERNormal Evaporation Rate (insulation efficiency of cryogenic dewar storage vessels)
NERNetwork Efficiency Ratio
NERNational Ecosystem Restoration
NERNational Exposure Registry
NERNew Employee Registry
NERNet Effective Rent
NERNational Emissions Report
NERNew England Ringers (Tewksbury, MA handbell group)
NERNo Evidence of Rejection
NERNational Eagle Repository
NERNavy Emergency Relief
NERNetwork Equipment Room
NERNot Entirely Reasonable
NERNavy Enlisted Rating
NERNondestructive Examination Report
NERNew Episcopal Religion
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In Neryungri solemn signing of the Agreement on strategic partnership in the field of labor supply between the five municipal districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Coal mining company "Colmar" took place.
JFE Steel has reportedly been a client of Neryungri coal producers since 1985 and has proved to be Mechel's longstanding and reliable partner.
Other coal reserves, such as Neryungri, exist much closer to Vostochny (1,400 miles).
The company is on track to accomplish another important project, Gross, located in Russia's Yakutia region, which should replace the depleted Neryungri mine while using its existing infrastructure.
Rescuers had found the two survivors by the Sutam River some 250 kilometres (155 miles) from the nearest town of Neryungri in the south of Yakutia.
Rescuers finally found two of the men this month by the Sutam River some 250 kilometres (155 miles) from the nearest town of Neryungri in the south of Yakutia but without two companions.
Pursuant to the agreement, the company will deliver K-9 grade coking coal mined from Neryungri open pit to Hyundai Steel for five years commencing on April 1, 2010.
On average, 10,000 t of coal are shipped by Yakutugol from Neryungri every day.
In Yakutsk, Neryungri, Aldan, Lensk and Mirny, coupons will be issued in places where a rating vote will take place on the choice of a public territory to be improved as a matter of priority in 2018 within the framework of the federal priority project "Building a Comfortable Urban Environment".
The Tayozhnoye deposit is located 150 km north of the city of Neryungri, an industrial center in the southern part of Yakutia, and near existing infrastructure--railroad, power grid and a paved road.
They are comprised of old deposits, such as the two mines in Buryatia (Zun Holba and Irokinda), and relatively new open-pit mines including Berezitovy in Amur region, Neryungri in the Republic of Yakutia, and Aprelkovo in Transbaikal region.