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NESHNetwork for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health (Canada)
NESHNew England School of Homeopathy (Amherst, MA)
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The Taliban militants had launched a coordinated attack from four different angles in Nesh district, sparking a heavy gun battle with the security forces.
Noor Mohammad, the car driver hailing from the Nesh district of southern Kandahar province, had been detained, he concluded.
Nesh Mehan of World of Fashion "The wind was tearing around the shop.
Roedd o'n beth byrfyfyr wrth gwrs ac roedd Gari'n arbenigwr ar hynny ac mi nesh inna'' ddysgu wrth wneud hefo fo," meddai John.
Kinglake mum Nesh Sinclair dived into a wombat burrow with her children as flames tore past.
ARGON 17 fixer refix BARIUM 18 jetsam matjes BORON 16 heder, 17 fifes CAESIUM 16 quicky's (OED, possessive form of quicky) CARBON 17 freits refits resift rifest sifter strife CERIUM 10 embows ERBIUM 10 belows blowse bowels elbows GOLD 1 hemp, 8 lowt, 20 faix, 23 dali dial laid HAFNIUM 6 alongst HELIUM 6 Akrons (places called Akron, RHD), 10 vowers IRON 23 folk* LEAD 8 milt, 11 plow, 15 apts past pats spat stap taps NEON 13 arba* Arab (W3), 16 dude dued* OXYGEN 16 unowed RADON 5 swift SILVER 9 unbare unbear urbane, 13 verify SODIUM 16 tickey SULPHUR 23 primero* TERBIUM 10 blowsed TIN 11 tye yet, 17 zek XENON 1 poofy, 4 birrs, 13 kabar, 16 nuded* (OED) ZINC 5 hens nesh, 13 vamp, 18 frau
But the nesh Nigerian showed enough in another cameo to suggest he might have a stronger case for inclusion.
KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): The capital of southern Kandahar province, Dand, Daman and Nesh districts would change hands in the third phase of security transition, Governor Toryalai Weesa announced on Saturday.
Tasa chi wedi fotio i Hywel Williams, fasa chi wedi ennill," meddwn i "Lbor nesh i fotio.
How apt that a band named after a mythical creature only a few people claim to have seen in the Nesh should disappear from view.
At a meeting with Governor Toryalai Weesa, WFP Director for Kandahar Ulrick Pedersen said the projects would be implemented in Nesh, Ghorak, Mianshin and Shorabk districts.